Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lesbian Poetry 1

Tom MacMaster, at your cervix. I AM an Arab Lesbian, really I am, even if only in my imagination.

One thing all Lesbians love to do is write poetry. When I’m an Arab Lesbian, I write pages of profoundly moving Middle Eastern feminine same-sex loving verse.

My work insightfully explores the dynamic depths of the doings of these desert-dwelling damsels.

Here’s a Limerick:

There once was a Gay Girl in Syria
Who’s blog crawled the Web like bacteria.
Though some called her a cad,
And her writing quite bad,
That’s only if truth’s the criteria.

And here’s a Haiku:

Arab Gay Girls Rule!
But I sit here alone, just
Me and my penis.


  1. Most disgusting poem I have ever read in my life. Arabian girls can not be lesbian. If you want the best lesbian girl then I suggest you Nairobi Escort.