Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drive, She Said

They call me Tom MacMaster, I’m a hetwhiteboy masquerading as an Arab Lesbian, and I drive.

I recently heard that women in Saudi Arabia have been driving cars.

So what? you ask.

Well, it seems that the Saudi government doesn’t let women drive. It’s probably because they want to protect women from harm. And they’re undoubtedly trying to spare women from the stress of being in traffic. Those guys who run Saudi Arabia are all kings and princes, so they tend to be big on chivalry.

But do these Saudi women appreciate this coddling? No. In fact they’ve gotten behind the wheels of automobiles and taken to the streets, driving in direct confrontation of the law. And they’re being applauded for it! Can you believe that?

I like to play this awesome game online called Big Daddy Driver where you get to be a sexy avatar and drive large, phallic-like vehicles. I was a hetwhiteboy imagining I was an Arab Lesbian while I drove a virtual car on the internet. And I did that for hours and hours, day after day.

Nobody EVER applauded me for that.

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